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Thursday, September 29, 2005

J. Crew Fall Sale - If You Like Lime Green ;-P...

J. Crew is also (see Banana below) having a fall sale, but the pickings are MUCH more slim... Comments about shopping basics apply, but here there seems to be a lack of classic, basic colors, leaving you with such atrocities as lime green wellesley cable sweaters. This is a sale where I would advise only buying if you love not only the item's form, but also the color of the item. Color is what you viscerally respond to, and is what everyone notices before looking at the make/form of an item, so if color is not just right, pass on the item and wait for the PERFECT sweater to come about (perhaps at full price).

Perhaps I should add that the Gap is having a fall sale as well, but only with the caveat that I am very cautious around the Gap, which fell from its pedestal a good half-decade ago, and whose quality of craftmanship fell even sooner than that. I would say that sometimes you can find a great basic for an insanely low price ($10 stretch v-neck top), but I would not walk out of the Gap with more than one or two carefully chosen items at heavily reduced prices. The quality issues, as well as the McGap aspect of its proliferation, makes it otherwise not worth the trip.

Banana Republic Fall Sale - Stock Up on Basics

Banana Republic is having a fall sale (started yesterday), and that means it's time to stock up on basics. The time to buy is NOW - because most items won't be discounted further (they'll be bought up too quickly).

I usually only buy basic items at the Banana - such as dress pants for work or v-neck sweaters, and then match them with more "trendy" items from other shops. If you buy soemthing too distinct from Banana you run the risk of seeing four people wearing the same item on your morning walk to the Metro (true story). Its best to hit up Banana sales on the first few days, as the hottest items fly off the shelves in the sizes you need - a tip: if they have something you want but not in the size you need, they can order it online for you from the store and it will be FREE SHIPPING. But online can sell out quicker than the stores in many items, so its best to check in-store.

Some basics on sale that I like (and one which I purchased for myself)...