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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Best of... Stella McCartney Collection at H&M

Stella McCartney, one of the hottest designers in fashionand former head designer for fashion powerhouse Chloe and now her own line (launched under the Gucci group)has partnered with H&M to design a line of ready-to-wear clothing to be sold in its stores.*

The clothing (and accesories) line is being launched THIS THURSDAY Nov. 10, and will be sold in limited quantity and only in select H&M stores (H&M is not an online retailer), so you should check out the preview online and plan a trip to the store within the next few days.

Overall, the collection really reflects Stella’s couture line with its loose, free-flowing, ethereal style and sharp tailoring. What I love about McCartney’s collections are that they are so wearable—gorgeous but so seemingly effortless.

The collection is priced a little higher than normal H&M clothing, but much, much, much lower than Stella’s high-end line, and reasonably priced for high-quality clothes. So if you love her designs on the runway, its worth the splurge to have a little piece of Stella McCartney hanging in your closet (or, to be technical, on your body).

Best of the Collection
Stella has designed 40 items in all for the collection; here are my favorites (including the slouchy but elegant—again, effortless!—tulip dress,$99.90, above):

Jacket, $129; silk blouse, $59.90; denim pants, $69.90. These dark, muted tones are perfect for winter. I love the loose waisted blouse paired with the sharply tailored jacket and tapered pants. I don't know how those pants tied above the ankles would look on someone without stick-thin legs, I’ll have to drop by H&M for some journalistic investigative work to try them on.

Oversized trench, $129. This reinterpretation of the belted trench coat is quintessential Stella McCartney. The bubble effect makes it billowy and cutting edge. Its something I could imagine the Olsen twins wearing.

Tank top, $29.90. Again, this top is so roomy and yet form-fitting. And I am in love with this color—a splash of winter-appropriate vibrance under a blazer or jacket.

Knitted Blouson, $79.90; Satin Camisole, $34.90. This knitted blouson looks extra large and cozy thanks to the huge ribbed trim around the neck, waist and wrists. I’m not usually drawn to grey, but layered over this cream camisole, it would look great with dark jeans or black pants.

V-neck Sweater, $59.90. This deep v-neck sweater (in such a gorgeous sea green) would be great over a fitted camisole for work or by itself for the evening. So classic.

Worst of the Collection
Ughhh... These items really miss the mark:

Embroidered Silk Jacket, $149. This looks like something out of a grandmother’s closet, or something Bridget Jones would be forced to wear at one of her mother’s turkey curry buffets.

Satin All-in-One, $69.90. Perhaps suitable for the runway, I think this would look ridiculous on the street, especially if your body doesn't resemble a stick. I do like the metal pouch, $49.90.

*More reasons we love Stella:
She has a giving heart—she is active in many charities and even has a prominent link for charity involvement on her website.
She is an animal rights activist—she refuses to use fur and puts pressure on other designers to make fur-free fashions.
She is the daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney.


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