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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hip but Classic Alternatives: Cable Sweaters

Series Header:
You're a modern woman. You don't want to look like a clone of everyone else, but you want to buy clothing that you can wear for more than one season. You want to be fashion-forward, but you also want to have a certain classic-edge to your style. This series will focus on finding hip but classic alternatives to the typical, standard fashion fare.

Instead of...
I could not resist this picture of a model in Ralph Lauren - it encapsulates the stuffy preppiness of cable crewneck sweaters (that headband really completes the ensemble - like the frigid girl Selma Blair played in Legally Blonde).

I'm not dissing these sweaters comepltely, they are a classic winter staple and have penetrated culture beyond tea parties and country clubs. But there are so many more original variations of cable sweaters out there, and really, despite the array of colors that cable crewneck sweaters are featured in, who wants to look like everyone else?

Try One of These...

These variations of cable sweaters retain the classic composition of cable but are also fun and even flirtatious (cable sweaters can be fliratious?!). Cable is definitely evolving beyond its traditional "wellesley" thin ribbing to thicker, distinctive textures.

Mock Turtleneck Cable Sweater (top left, on sale $39, Victoria's Secret), Angora/wool off-the-shoulder cable sweater (top right, $78, Banana Republic) and Say What Cable Vest (right, $34, Nordstrom).


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