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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hip but Classic Alternatives: Cardigans

You're a modern woman. You don't want to look like a clone of everyone else, but you want to buy clothing that you can wear for more than one season. You want to be fashion-forward, but you also want to have a certain classic-edge to your style. This series will focus on finding hip but classic alternatives to the typical, standard fashion fare.

Instead of This...

Leave the stifling button-up cardigans for Muffy to wear on her yacht. You are much too hip to be caught wearing one of these (or tying it across your shoulders, for the love of a preppy god), but you still need
something to cover up your bare shoulders at the office.

Try One of These...
Look for something that follows the classic cardigan style - an open sweater that clasps in the front - but with a variation reflects your individual style.
Plunged necklines are a winter wardrobe feature that is here to stay. A plunged neckline is perfect for a cardigan because it allows you to still show off whatever you are layering underneath, and gives the cardigan a more edgy look (and less stuffy than button-ups). These three cardigans looks like they could almost be wrap-sweaters, but remain cardigan-true by fastening securely in the front.

From left to right:
Free People One Button Cardigan (Nordstrom), Halogen Double Button Cardigan (Nordstrom) and Angora/wool shawl-collar cardigan (Banana Republic).


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