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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Style Lessons from Sex and the City

To honor the release of the complete series of Sex and the City on DVD (because the cable-net reruns just aren't as fun), here is a short retrospective on the lessons learned from one of the most (if not THE) trendsetting shows of our generation.

Favorite Ensembles: Carrie
Carrie demonstrates THE most important characteristic of personal style: wear your clothing with confidence. I know it sounds like a girly-mag cliche, but it is true, Carrie's style was so inspirational and trendsetting because she owned her look, from head-to-toe, and wore clothing that was an outward reflection of her personality - fun, flirty, quirky and sometimes just a jumbled mess.
She is also the epitome of someone who has developed her own signature style - everything she wore was so distinctly Carrie. Here are some of my favorite Carrie outfits:

Notice that these outfits would still be cutting edge and fashionable today - despite some of these pics being from episodes from several years ago. A testament to SATC's legacy, as well as how you can be fashion-forward without following ephemeral trends.
most of my favorite Carrie looks are dresses - they capture her elegant but light-hearted style

so timeless

again, flirty and chic

she really knows how to make a purse the center of attention

so casual but exquisite at the same time

again, just look how that fabulous bag takes center stage

eccentric, but reminsicent of classic Chanel

this dress makes her look so young and so full of ebullient despite her serious expression (and how complimentary is that purse!)

wrapping and layering and adding accessories for the perfect touch - Carrie's signature

Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda
The other women of SATC also demonstrate the importance of developing a personalized signature style.
Samantha's clothing reflects her powerful presence that comes from her independence and very strong sense of self - she is my most consistent favorite

These outfits are both so Charlotte and Miranda - Charlotte's traditional, but sweet and charming and Miranda's more serious, power-career woman personalities... they make good use of their handbags as well!


  • At 11/03/2005 2:49 PM, Blogger Dinah said…

    Sex in the City was such a great show!

  • At 11/10/2005 1:48 AM, Blogger Trisha said…

    Over at Style Intelligence Report, we're Obsessed with this show as well.

    Love your outfit choices, especially Carrie's elegant evening gown in "The Chicken Dance." Excellent.


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